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Taxation Services India

Tax Audit

Tax Audit is an important part of the corporate planning exercise for the organizations. With sound & effective tax planning strategies in place, organizations can enjoy the benefits of minimizing the associated business risks & liabilities. Tax audit services assist both individuals & organizations with proper tax planning regime in lieu of the taxation laws & industrial regulations by integrating tax planning with the overall business objectives that helps organizations better respond to the changing environment & take advantage of the growing market opportunities.
R K Kumawat & Associates has the necessary expertise combined with vast experience in providing value-added services in the area of Tax Audit to individuals & organizations by providing cost-effective & practical solutions that minimize the tax risks & assists companies to extend their business capabilities to reach a wider market while improving profitability.
R K Kumawat & Associates has been providing Tax Audit services in the following areas:
  • Process management: A good annual report instills strong confidence among investors, & customers, & external stakeholders & the internal employees about the financial health of the company. RKKA understands this need & seeks to assist organizations in the tax audit process by helping them in preparing annual audit & corporate annual report with the ultimate aim of adding greater value to the corporate image of the client by enhancing their growth prospects for the future
  • Value-Added- Tax (VAT services): Most of the companies find it difficult to manage the complex tax regime under Value Added Tax(VAT) due to the complexities involved in the process of legislation & documentation. At R K Kumawat & Associates we help our clients manage the VAT process more efficiently by making the process smoother & cost effective. We assist our clients with planning & managing VAT, legal advice on laws governing VAT, process of VAT registration & control including managing returns on VAT
  • Tax planning: Corporate tax & Personal tax planning requires sound & effective strategies that can help both individuals & organizations in minimizing risks & uncertainties faced in business. R K Kumawat & Associates seeks to address this need by assisting companies & individuals by giving maximum tax relief by minimizing the tax burden in the most optimal way. R K Kumawat & Associates negotiates on behalf on its clients with the tax agencies & the government to ensure that the clients derives increased benefits of tax opportunities by meeting the regulatory requirements.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

RKKA takes care of all the Payroll processing requirements we provide simple & convenient ways to pay salary to the employes & file tax return in time. We guarantee precision & timeliness at every stage of processing.

By outsourcing company’s payroll, one can save valuable time & resources & avoid mistakes.

Our basic services include calculating pay check & tax obligations for each employee, printing & delivering cheques, & providing management reports.

We commit to speedy turnaround times & accurate work. RKKA provides easy system for you to track & update employee’s information.

Above all, RKKA offers top-level customer services to handle any concerns & queries.

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Accounting & Auditing Services

Accounting Services:

The most common reasons management prefer to outsource accounting services from India are to reduce operating costs,  & improve company focus, improve quality, free up capital, increase capabilities not otherwise available & to reduce cycle time.

RKKA offer professional accounting solution & by outsourcing part or all your accounting function you can get on with what you do best. Our service incorporates the complete range of accounting, & legal & taxation functions & as a client you will be able to utilize a huge base of skills & services, which are as flexible or continuous as you need them to be.

Some of the silent features of our services include:

  • General Accounting
  • MIS Report
  • Bank & other Reconciliation
  • Accounting Payable & Receivable
  • Records Management
  • Billing
  • Credit & Collection
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis


The main objective of the Statutory Audit is to ensure that the financial statements i.e. the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account & Cash Flow statement give a true & fair view & free from any material misstatements.

An Internal Audit provides the opportunity to conduct a detailed & systematic check on profession. We can provide a valuable analysis of key figures rations & other data. We can test your performance against industry standards, & even against your direct competitors.

We will review your accounts & the control measures currently in use & recommend way to improve. We might discover that your competitors are receiving payment more quickly then you, your stock levels might be higher then the industry norms, or perhaps your company takes longer then average to complete order & sell finished work. Or there may be way to improve your cash flow(CF)  using some careful tax planning(TP).

We offer to clients a comprehensive set of auditing services that include the following:

  • Statutory Audit
  •  Due Diligence
  • Internal Audit
  • Acquisition Audit
  • System Audit, Operational Audit & Compliance Audit
  • Management Audit

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Taxation Services India


Income Tax

India has a vast & complex tax structure. Tax Management requires professional skill relating to tax planning & documentation & representations. RKKA tuned itself in multi areas of taxation to provide its clients solutions to various issue to their day-to-day matters as well as occasional matters.

  • Preparation of all types of tax returns for Individuals, & Firms, NRIs &, Foreign Nationals, & Companies etc.
  • Tax Planning – Personal & Corporate
  • Representing clients & appearing before various authorities
  • Tax Assistance
  • Withholding Tax Compliance
  • Getting Assessment done
  • Transfer Pricing Matters
  • Foreign Taxation Consultancy

Indirect Tax

Tax system can be complex & confusing. Changes in regulations & their mere multiplicity add to the complications. We have an in-depth understanding of the system & can translate these into easy to comprehend advice.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is considered as a complex & tedious tax administration imposed on business & hence many businesses overpay or underpay VAT.

We have team of experts & financial planners with rich experience & expertise in the field those advice clients on sales tax & Value Added Tax & other transactional taxes & local duties.

We assist you in following:

  • Registration
  • Preparation & filing of returns
  • Handling assessment, & revision & appellate proceedings

Service Tax:

Ordinarily, every person liable to pay service tax is required to register itself with service tax authorities & comply procedural requirements like paying taxes & filing returns etc. We, being a reliable company assure you of taking complete care of your service tax(ST) matters complying with complete transparency in our services.

We provide following service tax services for their service tax clients:

  • Registration
  • Payment of service tax
  • Record to be maintained and invoice
  • Classification of services
  • Credit of service tax paid
  • Adjustment of excess service tax paid
  • Interest and penalty
  • Assessment
  • Refund of tax
  • Notice and visit by departmental officer
  • Revision and appeal

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Taxation services india

Corporate Tax Advisory & Representation :

Understanding your business helps us understand your taxation needs & objectives. In face of rapid changes in tax laws 1 needs up to date information to make decisions suiting corporate objectives. Our tax resources help us in providing you with timely & objective tax advisory services. Our tax representation services provide you with a professional approach in dealing with matters concerning tax issues & litigations with various appellate authorities.

Expatriate Tax Matters :

We specialize in expatriate tax matters, right from planning a expatriate compensation package, & providing a legal framework agreements to the filing of the expatriate employee tax return, we provide expatriates & their employers with a comprehensive package. The package includes :

Planning the compensation benefit package(CBP)

Preparation of employment agreement

Comprehensive advisory services with respect to expatriate taxation issues
Administering the employee payroll and with holding tax issues
Liaising with the foreign accountant for necessary inputs for filing
Legal compliance with FEMA & other Indian legislations
of the home country tax return of the expatriate employee
Filing of the expatriate employee tax return

Transfer pricing study & compliance :

Advising on the most appropriate Transfer Pricing Methodology for complying with the Transfer Pricing Regulations based on the functional analysis, &  risks assumed & other facts & circumstances of our case. Suggesting the desired level & nature of documentation to be maintained, in conformity with Transfer Pricing Regulations in India & providing a Chartered Accountant’s Report pursuant to section 92E of Indian Income-tax Act, 1961.

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Taxation Services India

Taxation Services

Our experienced taxation consultants provide par excellence Business Taxation Services to the customers. We have expertise in corporate & Personal Taxation Services that includes Corporate Tax audits Under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 of Companies, Proprietary Concerns, Business Firms & Professionals etc. Our experienced consultants provide assistance & suggestions in tax planning. They are specialized in Tax saving guides in lawfully mitigating the burden of tax & in diverse matters like E-payment of taxes & e-filing of IT Returns of various persons. Our accounts consultants assist in filing of e-TDS Returns, VAT Returns, Service Tax Returns, Excise Return & Customs. We offer the best services by Online Taxation in India.

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Company Registration in Jaipur

Company Registration in Jaipur

R K Kumawat & Associates is a leading Business registration company in Jaipur. Please provide your details here CLICK to initiate your Private/Public Limited Company registration process in Jaipur. Your Company will be registered with in 25 working days.

Procedure for Company Registration in Jaipur

1. Document Requirements: Every Director must have Permanent Account Number(PAN) Card (if digital Signature is to be    obtained for in the name of the said Director) issued by the Income Tax department as an Identity    proof & one address proof in his/her name. Two passport size photographs of each Director, are required. Clear Scanned copies of proofs & photos are preferred

2. Name Availability Search: It is advised to conduct a Name Search for the proposed name of    the Company to make sure that there is no identical /or similar LLP/Company already registered in India or for which an application for registration has been submitted

3. Payment of Fees (Part Payment): Part payment is taken to initiate the Company Incorporation    process. We provide you following payment options: 1. Cheque, 2. Cash 3. Online Transfer

4. Application of DIN & Digital Signature: We will prepare & send all the required documents for signature of the Promoters at one go

5. Name Application: After approval of all the DIN, we will draft the Main Object of the Company   after the approval of the Promoters. On the approval of the Promoters, our team will forward  Company name application with the Registrar of Companies(ROC)

6. Payment of Fees (Final Payment): After the approval of the name, the remaining payment is  taken

7. Filing of Incorporation documents: Our Team will prepare all the relevant documents along    with eForms, Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA) required for the  company incorporation & will file the same with the authorities.

8. Final Process: After completion of the process, we provide you a file containing all documentation  made for Company formation along with DIN papers & Digital Signatures.

9. Long Term Relationship: We make with all our clients a very long term relationship. We provide all kinds of recurring compliance services required by the Company in the form of     Annual Return  filing & various Event Based Compliances.

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Income Tax Services

Income Tax Services

R K Kumawat & Associates has years of experience in a wide array of industries. Our full line of tax services includes preparation of tax returns for individuals & corporations & partnerships & for other enterprises.

We help you by providing the following services:

  • Organise your cumbersome tax affairs by giving alerts for due dates & deadlines & ensure that all statutory requirements are complied with
  • Assisting in obtaining PAN /& TAN
  • Tax advice on international matters
  • Representing you in regular assessments & at appellate authorities
  • Consultancy in withholding tax issues
  • Dove-tailing tax strategies into business plans
  • Assistance in preparation of tax returns /&  statements (Income Tax as well as TDS & TCS) & file with relevant authorities within due dates electronically / manually
  • Tax modelings, which would involve validation of tax assumptions built into financial & business models
  • Structuring the entire business transaction, including preparation of structured tax solutions tailored to meet business objectives
  • Other compliance issues such as tax registration, dealing with issues of withholding tax, & certification, etc

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Taxation Services

R K Kumawat & Associates’s corporate taxation services are based on innovative tax efficient strategies. We offer effective tax management & tax structuring & advisory services.

Our corporate taxation services include advice on tax & regulatory issues related to investing in India.
We also provide a technical support in undertaking tax & regulatory compliance & represent our clients to the Indian statutory & fiscal authorities.
RKKA also helps in the evaluation of alternative business structures from a transfer pricing planning perspective. We aim to help our clients optimize allocation of revenues between group entities & provide assistance in transfer pricing documentation & compliance.
Expatriate Tax, Appeals, Indirect Taxation, Personal Financial Planning, & Personal Taxation & advice on Employee Benefit schemes form an integral part of our services.

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Project Finance Advisory

Project Finance Advisory

We are well reckoned as 1 of the trusted providers of Project Advisory Services based in India. The Project Finance Advisory we provide to our customers help in financing long term infrastructural & various other commercial projects. We have a team of experts, which simplify & streamlining the complex finance clearing problems for our honored clients. Giving Project Financial Advisory, we strictly focus on methods for clearing & sanctioning of the finance.

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